The Android Networked Cross-License, which we call "PAX" for short, is a royalty-free community patent cross-license that covers Android and Google Applications preinstalled on devices that meet Android’s compatibility requirements. We call it a community license because all members grant licenses to one another on a royalty-free basis, thereby promoting patent peace within the Android ecosystem. By joining, you will receive broad, long-term freedom of action with respect to Android and Google Applications from all other members. We believe this materially reduces patent risk. And best yet, it’s free to join and open to anyone.

We were delighted to launch PAX with 9 members: Google, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, HTC, Foxconn Technology Group, Coolpad, BQ, HMD Global, and Allview. In total, these companies own more than 230,000 patents worldwide. We encourage other companies, large and small, to consider the PAX License. In short, with respect to Android and Google Applications, this license stands for patent peace between the signatories.

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to request a copy of the PAX License or submit a question.